The University Of Lahore
 Post Graduate Institute Of Law
4-Mall Menssion,Opposite State Bank Building, Mall Road Lahore
Contact: 0306-8713335, 042-37242483
Weekly Schedule Of Lectures
For Mall Road Campus
S/No. Day Lectures Time
1 Wednesday Criminology (Mian Ali Haider) 4:30pm-
2 Thursday Banking Law (Mr. Waqar Saeed Khan)                                                            Islamic Law (Dr . Jamil Ahmad Shahzad) 4:30pm-
3 Friday Constitution of Pakistan (Mr. Waqar Saeed)                                                                        Law of Evidence (Mian Ali Haider) 2:30pm-
4 Friday Islamic Law(Dr. Jamil Ahmad Shahzad)                                           Labour Laws (Mr. Ahmad Tariq) International International Trade Law (Mr. Waqar Saeed Khan) 5:00pm
1 Saturday  Human Rights  (Ms. Khusbakht Qaiser)                                                           Business law Law(Hasnain syed) 11:00
2 Saturday Intellectual Property Law (Mr. Saqib Haroon)                                             Criminology (Mian Ali Haider) 2:00pm-
3 Sunday Corporate  Law (Mr. Usman Ghazi) 11:00am-
4 Sunday Islamic Laws (Dr . Jamil Ahmad Shahzad)       Constitutional  Law ( Dr. Naveed Ahmad) 1:00pm-

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