New Schedule Spring 2016.

The University Of Lahore
 Post Graduate Institute Of Law
4-Mall Menssion,Opposite State Bank Building, Mall Road Lahore
Contact: 0306-8713335, 042-37242483
Weekly Schedule Of Lectures
For Mall Road Campus
S/No. Day Lectures Time
1 Wednesday Human Rights  (Ms. Khusbakht)                                                                  Constitution Of pakistan (Mr. Waqar Saeed) 4:30pm-
2 Thursday       Law Of Evidence (Dr. Jamil Ahmad Shahzad) Criminology (Mian Ali Haider) 4:30pm-
3 Friday Taxation (Mr Ali Haider)                                                                        International Trade Law (Mr. Salman Alam) 2:30pm-
4 Friday Intellectual Property Law (Mr. Saqib Haroon)  Banking Law (Mr. Waqar Saeed Khan)                  Islamic Law(Dr. Jamil Ahmad Shahzad) 5:00pm
1 Saturday Law of Evidence (Mian Ali Haider)                         Corporate Law (Mr. Usman Ghazi) 12:00pm-
2 Saturday Labour Laws (Mian Ali haider)                                       Islamic Laws (Dr . Jamil Ahmad Shahzad) 2:00pm-
3 Sunday  Law of International Institutions ( Dr. Naveed Ahmad) 11:00am-
4 Sunday       Constitutionl  Law ( Dr. Naveed Ahmad)      Comparative Study of Islamic and Western Jurisprudence (Dr . Jamil Ahmad Shahzad) 1:00pm-


Dear Students, Fine of 10,000 is imposed from today till 1st May. Students with dues cleared will be invited to fill graduation forms. Students who have not cleared fee will be issued termination letter.