Final Term Assignment of Commercial Law

Final Term Assignment of Commercial Law


  1. With Respect to property explain the following.
  2. Type of property rights
  3. Execution and transfer of legal and equitable ownership
  4. Transfer of possession
  5. Characteristic of property rights
  6. Balee`s liabilities


  1. With the respect of relation between principal and agent explain the duty and right of agent.
  2. On transfer of title in sale of goods, discuss the rule nemo dat quod non habet and its exceptions.
  3. What is the nature of relationship between banker and its customer and explain the duty owed by bank to its customer?



















Final Assignment of Banking Laws.

Final  Assignment of Banking Laws.

Minimum word limit 7000 words



Submit the assignment on 14th March  at 2 pm at University of Lahore, Mall Campus


Note. Attempt all questions and there should not be any plagiarism.



Q1. Who is a fiduciary and trustee? Explain it in the light of English and Pakistani cases. Compare the position of fiduciary in Pakistan with England and India in the light of laws and cases.


Q2. a)  Explain in the light of precedents the customer, finance, obligation, and financial institution as mentioned in FIO, 2001.


  1. b) What’s the legal position of the superior courts regarding criminal matters which are related to Finance under FIO, 2001? Explain the jurisdiction of the Banking Court under FIO, 2001, Banking Mohatasib and Banking Crimes’ Court, and the role of FIA with respect to banking offences.


Q3. Money laundering is that kind of organized crime, which violates sociopolitical values and human rights, explain it in the light of its historical perspective. And explain the regime of anti money laundering in Pakistan in the light of international development and FAFT.

International Trade Law Final term Assignment.

Submit your assignment on 15th March, 2016 at 2 pm at University of Lahore, Mall Campus.



Note. Attempt all questions and there should not be any plagiarism.


Minimum word limit 7000 words

Q1. Explain in detail the role of UNIDROIT and its principle of international commercial contracts,  CISG 1980, UNCITRAL and its model laws,and role and objectives of ICC, INCOTERMS 2010 and UCP 600.



Q2. What is the bill of lading & what is its role in international trade and explain its contents?



Q3. How is International Trade financed and what is the process of resolving disputes in international trade?


Q4. Draft an agreement between a seller, XYZ Co. who intends to export textile garments to an ABC Co. in New York.

Final Term Assignment Topics of Alternative Dispute Resolution


1. ‘Alternative dispute resolution’ and the ‘Vanishing Trial’. What are the benefits and risks of Privatization of justice through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

2. A comparative analysis of the common law and civil law perspectives on Mediation in Practice.


i. The assessment will comprise of 5000 words

ii. Bibliography is compulsory and marks will be deducted if it is not in the assessment.

iii. The total word count is for the essay/assessment and reference/bibliography is not included.

iv. Submission deadline is 12th March  2016 and copy should be handed over to athur till afternoon. A draft should  also be sent through email at