Human Rights Topics

Following are the topics of mid-term assignement/presentations and names of students.
Shafiq ur rehman
waqas illyas
Muhammad Bilal
Falak Sher Niazi
topic: What are the rights given and prohibited undder European Convention on Human Rights and what are its procedural protocols:
Group Q:
Hammad Akhtar
Muhammad Rafiq s/o Niamat Ali
Mehbob Ali
how does the international human rights law implemented in countries all over the world. Is there any check and balance?
Group R:
Mahboob Hussain
Rana Muhammad Rafiq
Rashid Nawaz
What rights and obligations are enshrined under the ICCPR and ICESCR .
Single Member Group- S
Hammad Akhtar
Role of United Nations in the humanitarian intervention


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