Constitution of Pakistan : Mr Waqar saeed khan .

Submission Date : 20-4-2020

Answer all the questions.

Q1. Mr. Kamran, the senior most officer, next in line to become the chairman at a government institute, applied for the said position, however, his rival Mr. Zuhaib who didn’t qualify to become the chairman was appointed by the Government on basis of nepotism. Furthermore, Mr. Kamran was demoted to an inferior rank for raising this issue with the Government. Mr. Kamran now wants to invoke the constitutional jurisdiction of the High Court under Article 199 of the Constitution. What nature of writs can he pray for and what would be the requirement for issuance of such writs? Mr. Ali, a close friend of Mr. Kamran wants to file the same writ in place and on behalf of Mr. Kamran in his own name (Mr. Ali). Can Mr. Ali seek issuance of all the writs? Provide your answer in view of important cases.

Q2.  What were the constitutional crisis that led to the creation of Bangladesh?

Q3. “There should be a government of law and not of men”, explain it in the light of important cases and relevant articles of the Constitution.


Q4. Right to life is a very important fundamental right, explain it in the light of leading cases.


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