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Final Term Exams`s Topics

1- What is WTO,why WTO is formed,What are its objectives,Future plans of
WTO,Dispute settlement mechanism in WTO

2-Brettenwood institution (IMF and World bank),Why it is formed,Its
objectives,dominance of USA,and struture reforms of IMF and World bank
introduce in Pakistan by IMF and World bank

3-Formation of NATO,role of UNSC in peace keeping in global world

4-UN structure, its various institutions ,Effectiveness of UN for the
implementation of it decisions of its member states.

Mid Term Exam Topics Law of International Institutions

Q-1-League of Nations

a-Historical background
b-role for peacekeeping in international world
c-why league of nation failed
a-Why UNO was incorporated
b-Various objectives of UNO
c-How UNO work to achieve its target
a-Role of UNSC to maintain peace in global world
b-Whether UNSC is successful for the achievement of international security