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Session 5

164_pakistan___the_militant_jihadi_challenge 911_TerrFin_Monograph A BALANCING ACT ANTI TERROR FINANCING GUIDELINES AND THEIR AMLAndImplicationsforCounterTerrorismEfforts-BPDec2010 Anti Money Laundering and CFT Kingdom of Saudi Arabia APG Trade Based Money Laundering Typologies Report 2012_FINAL blocking faith FATF Recommendations approved February 2012 reprint March 2012 FATF Terrorist Financing Typologies Report Money laundering and terrorism financing risks to australian NPO Money laundering in pakistan Money Laundering PPT PolicyFocus89 washingtoninstitute money trail PolicyFocus89 Revised-AML-CFT-Regulations SalafiManhaj_Terrorism_In_KSA Terrorist Financing and State Response (Material) Terrorist Financing Terrorist_Financing_TF TerroristFinancing_Bibliography Examination Techniques part 1

Session 3

1.Pakistan 1363071845_127 Anti terrorism law & human Rights in U.K. Criminal Liability Dialogue_July_September2011_224-241 Economic cost of terrorism explanations of criminal behaviour Factsheet32EN FS_Terrorism_ENG Handbook_on_Criminal_Justice_Responses_to_Terrorism_en hrr_article_5 Implementation of UK Terrorism Act 2006 Improving the criminal Justice System International Terrorism, Threat, policy & Responce IR3001 Terrorism Legal Responses to terrorism LesixNexis Pakistan-Chalanges-in-Anti-Terror-Legislation poectic injustice A case study of the uk laws RAND_CF249 report-terrorism-acts-2011 Responding to terrorism spm_Terrorism_and_IL_APLR_2006_vol14 sr266 Terrorism & International law Terrorism & the Criminal Justice Sysytem CJP terrorism terrorism-submission-to-icj-panel THE ANTI-TERRORISM ACT, 1997 The EU response to terrorism in an age of HR UK Terrorism Act, 2000 UK Terrorism Act, 2006 War on Terrorism Sikander Shah

Session 2

Introduction to Islamic Criminal Justice (1)Islam and CRime the moral community of MuslimsSources of Islamic Law003-Jihad-Islamic-Law-War Crime & Punishment crime_and_punishment_in_islam_complete_from_part_1_to_5_253_en History and prospect of Islamic Criminal Law with respect to the Human Rights Introduction to Islamic Criminal Justice (1) Islamic_Law_Criminal Process of Islamic Criminal Justice ShariaLawOrOneLawForAll Sources of Islamic Law