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Final Term Assignment Topics of Alternative Dispute Resolution


1. ‘Alternative dispute resolution’ and the ‘Vanishing Trial’. What are the benefits and risks of Privatization of justice through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

2. A comparative analysis of the common law and civil law perspectives on Mediation in Practice.


i. The assessment will comprise of 5000 words

ii. Bibliography is compulsory and marks will be deducted if it is not in the assessment.

iii. The total word count is for the essay/assessment and reference/bibliography is not included.

iv. Submission deadline is 12th March  2016 and copy should be handed over to athur till afternoon. A draft should  also be sent through email at

Mid Term Assignment Topics of ADR

The questions are as follows;

1. How does the arbitral proceedings regulate in Pakistan and how do the arbitral awards enforced? . ( in light of legislative and case law developments).


2. How ADR is perceived in the context of globalization and what are the strategic barriers to dispute resolution?


Students are asked to write their assignment in 3000 words in total.  The assignments will be handed over to me on 5th of January  Tuesday 2016 during the class time.  And the same will be sent to me on email at

Reference or footnotes will not be considered in word count.  The assignments comprise of 25% marks in the semester.