Weekly Schedule Of Lectures Semester Spring 2021

The University Of Lahore
 Post Graduate Institute Of Law
Weekly Schedule Of Lectures Semester Spring  2021                                                          ( Research Methodology is compulsory subject  in first Semester)
S/No. Day Lectures Time
1 Friday Barrister Amir Zafar Khan (Corporate Law)                                                                                             Mr. Mohsin Ehsan (Criminology) 02:30PM
2 Friday Dr. Jamil Ahmad Shahzad (Comparative study of islamic and western jurisprudence)
Mr. Waqar Saeed Khan  (Constitution of Pakistan)
4 Saturday Ms. Khush Bakht (Business Law)                          Mian Ali Haider (Criminology)
Ms.Rashda Abbas (Alternate Dispute Resolution)
Ms.Mehak Zaraq  (Human Rights)                             Mr. Nabeel Rafaqat (Research Methodology)  (COMPULSORY)
5 Saturday Dr. Jamil Ahmad Shahzad (Islamic Laws)
Mr. Saqib Haroon (Intellectual Property Laws)
Mian Ali Haider (Law of Evidence)
Ms. Ruqiya Ambreen (Environmental Law)      Mr. Nabeel Rafaqat (Administrative Law)
6 Sunday Mr. Hamza Hamayoun(Research Methodology)(COMPULSORY)
Mr. Zahid Atiq (Law of Taxation)                                Mr. Muhammad Yaqoub (Alternate Dispute Resolution)                                                                            Mr. Saqlain Arshad (Human Rights)
7 Sunday Mr. Noman Qaiser (Administrative Law)
Mr. Naeem Ullah Khan (Intl. Economic law)    Mr. Muhammad Irfan (Constitution of Pakistan)                                                                                Mr. Nouman Mahmood Ch (Law of Evidence) Mr. Hamza Hamayoun (Banking Laws)