Session IV

A.HRC.23.40_EN a_practical_guide_to_norwich_pharmacal_orders_-_spring_2014 cartoons Case law of the european court of hmn rights definition Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen eu_human_rights_guidelines_on_freedom_of_expression_online_and_offline_en European Convention on HR 1950 Fienberg Harm Principle Freedom of Expression Gov_B_4_25_11_Speech_Notes hrr_article_10 John S Mill on Liberty Limits to Freedom of Expression pakistan The Abuse clause & freedom of Expression the-camden-principles-on-freedom-of-expression-and-equality Time-to-Step-Up-The-EU-and-freedom-of-expression UNDHR

Session III

979 Atkin_Memorial_Lecture_Final_version Charter of Fundamental rights & freedoms resolution Charter of Fundamnetal rights of european union constitution-2010 eng Fundamental rights & fundamental freedoms Fundamental rights at work Fundamental rights Fundamental+rights1 fundamental-rights-call-for-evidence Jacobs ECHR and EU Charter Protection of Fundamental rights through the courts of EU ribeiro._direct_and_indirect_effects_of_fundamental_rights

Session II

5_Lellala_Vishwanadham_654_Research_Communication_VSRD_June_2012 61 088_download 1995-november-vol008-no2-pp105-110-and-153-154-and-165-166 A Quest of Context by Cathy NIjam Bennion od stature law of interpretation Codified Cannons and the Common Law of Interpretation Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Constitutional Principles ijsrp-p2337 ji_2003_1_128 LR103n2Paulsen LYONS_001 R41637 Rehnquist_Court_Canons_citations sn06053 statutory-interpretation by fracis Bennion statutory-interpretation-general-principles-and-recent-trends The Changing approaches to the interpretation of satutes Theories of Constitutional Interpretation Unwritten Constitution Principles

Session I

CONSTITTIONAL-HISTORY1 Constitutional Development Of Pakistan since 1947 to the CONSTITUTIONAL_HISTORY Fedralism & Constitutional Development in Pakistan BY Sajjad Naseer Fedralism in Pakistan by Dr. Waseem Fedralism in Pakistan fulltext Hans Kelsen and His Pure Theory of Law Hans Kelsen Crtique of Soverignity Gumplova-Law_Sovereignty_Democracy Hans Kelsen on International Law Kelsen Theory of Grund Norm Overview of he Constitution by PILDAT The Development of Fedralism in Pakistan