Session 11

act500012006en articles-Annex I Powerpoint Presentation EU Policy against Death Penalty – final-1255096476 Death Penality amnesty Death Penality Death Penalty & Most-serious-crimes_final_6Feb2013 Death penalty under International law_Paper DEATH PENALTY_English DeathPenalty(BEPress) Historical Background of Capital Punishment HRI_-_2012_Death_Penalty_Report_-_FINAL IMPDeath Penality & Human Rights International law & death Penalty Law of Death Penlty P_You_Asked_WhyCapitalPunishment_English Slow march to the gallows death penality in pakistan UK death-penalty-strategy-oct-11-15 understanding_the_death_penalty_May_2012

Session 9

~$rict Liability “KNOWINGLY” IGNORANT MENS REA DISTRIBUTION IN 09_Strict_Liability 74903-units-g153-and-g154-teacher-guide-criminal-law CARPENTERv2 Causing Aiding and the Superfluity of Accomplice Liability CH. 7 Comp. Ch06_Texas CL Word Corporate Criminal Liability COSTLY IGNORANCE AND STRICT LIABILITY IN CRIMINAL LAW Criminal Law Reform and thePersistence of Strict Liability CriminalLaw OUT LINE Intoxication & Criminal Liability Law of Criminal Liability M02_ELLI0676_09_SE_C02 Recasting_Vicarious_Liability_CLJ_2012 Strict and Absolute Liability Discussion Paper Strict Liability Lecture 1 Strict Liability Vicarious Libility by kreit vicatious liability Weissman_paper When is Strict Criminal Liability Just